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How to prepare for your child’s visit to the dentist at Billericay Dental Care

We all know that when it comes to being  fearful or anxious the likelihood is that it has developed as a response to a past experience.  Fear and anxiety are natural human responses that keep us safe and alive., however they can become irrational and uncontrollable.

It is for this very reason we believe strongly that you and your child should have a calm, enjoyable and relaxing visit to the dentist.  This is to prevent uncontrollable anxiety developing around a dental visit.  The risk of getting this experience wrong can lead to the avoidance of healthcare, poor dental health education and the inability to get a problems rectified at an early stage.

 A visit to the dentist is as much a parents responsibility as it is the dentists.  We are sure that when oral hygiene is taking place at home in a fun and enjoyable surrounding this can be translated to when the child visits the dentist.  Focusing on key messages such as duration and timing of brushing, method of brushing blended together with experimental ideas like using flavoured toothpaste, textured brushes and utilising electric toothbrushes for over 3 year olds.

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