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Basic Periodontal Exam – What do the dental numbers mean?

Basic Periodontal Exam (BPE) – What is it?

When was the last time you had a complaint about bleeding gums or gum disease, visited your hygienist in Brentwood or dentist in Hutton, and heard them reading out a bunch of numbers when diagnosing your dental problem?
What you likely heard was a basic periodontal exam, commonly known as BPE. Let’s get you familiar with what this exam is and why it’s important.

Getting to know what a BPE is?

At a glance, the BPE is a basic screening tool which can help dentists and dental hygienists determine a patient’s oral and dental needs. It also helps them determine the right treatment for a variety of oral conditions including bleeding gums and gum disease.
On a BPE score, the mouth is divided into six area, 3 at the top and 3 along the bottom. Each area is given a score. We keep a track of this score so we can tell you over time if your BPE is improving or not. Ask us what your BPE score is and what the next step are.
The code runs from 0-4. So for example, ‘0’ would indicate that no treatment is required, ‘1’ and ‘2’ mean that a basic clean is needed, while ‘3’ and ‘4’ means gum disease is advancing and subsequently requires advanced therapy.

Should I see a Dental Hygienist

It’s hardly surprising to know that over a third of the UK adult population suffers from moderate gum disease – we love our wine, tea, coffee, and cigarettes, after all.
If you smoke, have bleeding gums after brushing, suffer from gumboils, blisters, swelling and pain or can’t chew everything you want to, you should visit a dentist and dental hygienist at Billericay Dental Care as it can help diagnose and prevent more serious periodontal problems down the line.
Sticky bacterial plaque building up between your teeth and inflamed, bleeding gums can have highly adverse effects on your general health. Persistent inflammation in the mouth and bleeding gums has been known to worsen a range of health issues including heart disease, diabetes, premature birth and rheumatoid arthritis.
How can a dental hygienist help me and how does it work?
You may have wondered can a hygienist remove stains or can a hygienist treat gum disease or you may have even found yourself asking questions like why dental hygienist are in demand?
A Basildon hygienist is always in demand because if gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. A simple BPE screening, however, can quickly identify current issues or even potential ones, ensuring that the correct treatment is received – saving you plenty of time, pain and money!

Should I book in with a dental hygienist?

During the Covid 19 pandemic you may have found yourself increasing snacking or drinking more red wine. Your teeth may be looking yellower and the hygienist can help get them glowing white again combined with a well earned post-lockdown haircut you will be looking your best again!
Book in for dental stain removal with our hygienist at Billericay Dental Care 01277 625456 and as a treat why not combine it with whitening. And don’t forget we offer free consultations for whitening as well!
In conclusion, if you’re wondering can a hygienist remove stains or can a hygienist fix my gums?  Put your concerns and worries to rest by getting a contacting us with us for teeth whitening and more.
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