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Want to improve your smile?Click here to book a FREE video consultation with our expert.

Give yourself the closest feeling to having real teeth again

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post which is fixed to your jaw. This acts as a replacement for a tooth root and holds an artificial tooth in place. Mimicking the structure of an actual tooth, it looks and feels exactly like a real tooth.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

Dental implants are the most natural replacements for missing teeth available today.

Instead of worrying about loose dentures or spaces, implants give you the confidence of eating and smiling in confidence again.

Some of the benefits include:

● Convenience – never have to worry about taking them out

● Increased comfort when eating

● One of the longest lasting replacements for teeth

● Improve your facial structure by avoiding the ‘sunken-in’ look

At Billericay Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our transparent and trusted approach in providing dental implants. 

Our implantolgists have vast experience in handling a variety of cases, so you can feel assured knowing you are in good hands.

About the process of a dental implant

You can call us for a free initial chat with one of our team members. Or, you can book directly to see one of our expert implantologists.

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss the result you are hope to achieve with your dental implant.

At your consultation, you are free to ask any questions you like. We want to ensure that we get the best result possible for you. Feel free to bring a companion with you.

At this meeting, we’ll carry out a comprehensive examination, taking X-rays as required, to get all the information we need. 

You may need additional scans/treatment prior to the implant, to optimise the success of your treatment.

We may recommend that you need:

  • A cone beam CT scan, which we will arrange
  • Bone expansion (if your jaw bone is too narrow for an implant to be fitted)
  • Bone graft (to strengthen the area of your bone that will receive the implant)
  • A sinus lift (for upper jaw implants, where we may need to create space for your dental implant by moving your sinus up). painless proce

We’ll place your dental implant into the area where you have lost your tooth. 

This will replace the root of your missing tooth. 

Implants can be immediately placed and restored, however this depends on your suitability. This will be covered during your initial chat with our implantogists.

If we do not place can take 3 months for your implant to bed into the surrounding bone, and 6 months for the area to heal if a bone graft is done. 

During this time, we can give you a temporary replacement for the space.

Once the area is healed, we take a digital impression of your smile. 

We plan the perfect shape and size of the crown that will attach to the implant. During this stage, we also get the right shade to blend into the rest of your teeth.

TOP TIP: This would be a good time to whiten your teeth before the new implant is fitted

Once your new tooth is constructed by our expert laboratory, we try it in your mouth. 

We make sure it fits perfectly in your bite, and ensure that it blends in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

At this point, we fix the tooth to your implant permanently

Start your dental implant consultation with us secure in the knowledge you’re dealing with a fully-qualified, highly-experienced, and patient-focused team.

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Why choose Billericay Dental Care for Dental Implants?

  • Our team at Billericay Dental Care has a wealth of experience in placing the most advanced implants with industry-leading systems.
  • We use the very highest quality materials in the dental implants, sourced from esteemed British laboratories, operating to rigorous and transparent clinical protocols.
  • We care deeply about all our patients and their experience with us before, during, and after all of our procedures. Please be assured that we are always on hand to answer questions.


Get in touch with the team for a consultation on dental implants, and we can discuss the best options for you. 



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Why we are different

Year after year, we’re privileged to welcome an ever increasing number of patients to our practice. When you choose our dental bridge service, we can promise you the following:

  • From your first consultation, we will work hard to ensure you understand your options and the benefits of treatment.
  • We’re open, honest and upfront about our services. We’ll offer you a realistic understanding of what you can hope to achieve with your dental bridge treatment.
  • Our team of dental professionals are highly trained and experienced in fitting and placing dental bridges. We’ll be here to answer your questions and make your restoration journey enjoyable.