Find out about crowns and bridges, what they’re for, how we fit them for you, and much more

Crowns and bridges from Billericay Dental Care

Crowns (also known as caps) are placed over a tooth to give it back its size, strength, shape, and appearance. They also restore teeth that, for various different reasons, cannot take a filling. Bridges are used to replace any missing teeth you have.

Everyone likes to have the perfect smile and here at Billericay Dental Care, we’re no different.

When you think about it, the teeth in our mouth have to withstand a lot. There’s food and drink, environmental pollutants, and the ever-present and very persistent bacteria in our mouths which constantly release acid breaking down both the outside and inside of our teeth.


Even though you look after your teeth on a daily basis, sometimes a tooth will break down gradually over time. And because the breakdown is so gradual, you won’t think you have a problem with that tooth until it’s too late.


Other times, through accidents, injuries, and other causes, our teeth simply dislodge themselves from the gum and can’t be put back.


Billericay Dental Care offers crowns and bridges to our patients in Billericay with advanced decay in certain teeth or who have a missing tooth or teeth.

Why do more and more patients in Billericay and the surrounding area use Billericay Dental Care?

• our E-Max Crown premium services offers you a crown which is not only strong and lustrous but which shines and matches the colour of your existing teeth or to any colour you want perfectly.

• we’re an experienced team of fully-trained and qualified dentists and dental assistants dedicated to the very best outcomes for our patients,

• we appreciate the discomfort a badly-decayed tooth can cause you and want to put it all right for you,

• for many people, having missing teeth increases feelings of insecurity and can affect confidence – we’ll make sure that the bridges we fit for you are just as you want them so you feel your previous self again and

• you can rest assured that you’ll always get the very highest standard of work backed up by genuine after-care every time you visit us.


Want to talk with your Billericay Dental Care team about crowns and bridges? Want to know exactly what we can do to restore your smile and your teeth with crowns and bridges? 


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