It’s never been as easy to look your beautiful best. Our mini-smile makeover brings together different treatments to create a complete transformation that you’ll love.

What is Included

  • A 30-minute treatment to remove staining
  • Powerful teeth whitening treatment to give you the celebrity smile
  • Dental contouring. Subtle reshaping (edge bonding or filing your teeth) to provide a smoother, more pleasing cosmetic appearance.


The whole process is simple and cost-effective but the results are astounding. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with a smile which is whiter, brighter, and smoother all round.

What is a Smile-Makeover?

The term smile makeover usually refers to a combination of the following aspects of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Straightening crooked teeth.
  • Whitening dark or yellow teeth.
  • Restoring broken down, chipped or damaged teeth.

A full smile makeover will include a range of treatments including teeth whitening, dental crowns/veneers and orthodontics… A mini smile makeover is a much reduced version of this full smile makeover treatment.

What is a mini smile makeover?

A mini smile makeover simply takes the simplest and most convenient options available to your dentist to deliver the quickest and most cost effective smile makeover possible. Typically a mini smile makeover includes:

  • Air abrasion to remove any surface stains from the teeth, this may be enough if your teeth are nicely aligned and a good shape.
  • Teeth whitening. The whitening process can usually be undertaken in either a 30 min appointment at the dentist or over a couple of days at home by wearing bleaching trays at night.
  • Dental bonding. This will be done in the dental practice and usually takes anywhere between 30 min and a couple of hours depending on how many teeth are having the bonding process.

Am I suitable for a mini smile makeover?

A mini smile makeover is not suitable for everyone, it can only be used for patients who:

  • Have mildly crooked or rotated teeth.
  • Don’t have complex dental health issues.
  • Don’t want to replace any missing teeth.
  • Don’t wish to change the way their teeth bite together (occlusion).
  • Want a simple fix to a relatively nom-complex problem.

How much does a mini smile makeover cost?

Typically the cost of a mini smile makeover is:

  • New patient consultation, from £59
  • Teeth whitening, from £277
  • Bonding, from £135 per tooth

So let’s say you had 2 teeth which were rotated and were suitable for bonding, you wanted to brighten your smile and have these teeth aligned it would cost, from £606.

Benefits of Mini-Smile Makeover

The most important advantage is the preservation of natural tooth. The process is much less destructive, often there is no drilling at all. Mini smile makeovers also tend to cost less, as there is no need for expensive laboratory porcelain work.

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