Find out about the multiple treatments you receive with smile makeovers and the striking effects they bring.

Smile makeovers from Billericay’s leading dental practice

A smile makeover offers you a series of focused cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Having a great smile can knock years off your appearance. Smile makeovers are more than just about having perfect white teeth, it’s about form and symmetry. And the more symmetrical something is, the more beautiful we think it is.


At Billericay Dental Care, we love helping patients with smile makeovers. It’s genuinely hard to underestimate just how much it transforms a smile. It’s even more pleasurable for us as dental professionals to hear back from patients who tell us just what a difference this treatment has made to them.


This is a treatment that gives patients a real spring in their step and makes them feel years younger. Here, at Billericay Dental Care, we’re certain that we should be your partner of choice with your smile makeover because:


• it’s all about you and what you want. Smile makeovers can involve veneers, crowns, gum sculpting, straightening, bonding, tooth implants and teeth whitening in a series of procedures. Our team have the experience and the knowledge to combine the right techniques and perform them in the right order to achieve the outcome you want,

• you’re involved at every step of the process and you’re fully informed and in control at all times,

• performing your smile makeover may involve different members of our team with their particular specialities. We operate as a team throughout the process.

• after your smile makeover has been completed, we will be on hand as individuals and as a team to help you make the most of the procedure with an easy-to-follow program of oral and dental hygiene. We’re also only a phone call or an email away.


Your smile makeover starts with a consultation. To book yours, please call us on 01277 62 54 56 or email us at

Smile Makeover FAQ

What do you consider when you’re planning a smile makeover with me?

A smile makeover is a full treatment that considers the smile as a whole, so, as part of your initial consultation, we’ll work with you on • your teeth colour and shading because it will matter with the other procedures that will form part of the service • how your teeth are aligned and shaped (how proportionate are they side by side?) • the length of your teeth (long teeth are often associated with a youthful appearance) • how to deal with any missing teeth you have • how to achieve balance and symmetry between teeth, gums, lips, and face • when you smile, what would the best possible result look like for you?

Before and after previews

After agreeing on what you want from your smile makeover, we’ll produce before and after previews. That’ll do two things. For you, it will give you the best indication of what you’ll look like after the procedures have all been finished. For us, we will have a clear map on what the procedures we need to carry out and the order they need to occur in so that you get that perfect result.


A smile makeover is a real and lasting investment in yourself from which you’ll feel the benefits for years to come. How much it costs depends on how many procedures we need to carry out and on your initial level of oral hygiene. Occasionally, work may need temporarily postponing if we come across an underlying oral health issues we had not identified previously. However, once that has been successfully sorted, you can continue on the timetable with us.

Maintaining your smile makeover

Once all the procedures have been completed then we’ll give you a easy-to-follow dental hygiene plan so that the positive benefits of your smile makeover last the longest time. Start your smile makeover journey with the most caring and professional team in Billericay and the surrounding areas. Book a consultant by calling us on 01277 62 54 56 or email us at



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