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A Dental Check-up doesn't only look for cavities. There is a more serious "C" Word th

Dental Exam for Oral Cancer

Most dental patients worry about cavities. But there’s another “C” word that dentists think about during your examination: cancer. Oral cancer screenings are an integral part of any regular dental checkup.

Cancer research UK quote "11,400 new cases of head and neck cancer in the UK in 2014, that’s 31 cases diagnosed every day." And this rate is rising. So are you at risk?

Smoking, alcohol and infections are the three large modifiable risk factors. The biggest thing you can do after stopping smoking is routinely have a dental check-up. A common misconception is that your dentist is only looking at your teeth. They also look at your gums, bones, muscles, joints and rule out suspicious lumps and bumps.

A dental examination is painless and early detection is very important.

Your healthcare is a shared responsibility. You can do your part to protect yourself from oral cancer by keeping an eye out for symptoms between dental visits. Let us know immediately if you notice any of the following potential warning signs:

  • mouth sores that don’t go away within two weeks

  • painful, tender or numb areas in your mouth or on your lips

  • lumps around your face, jaw or neck

  • rough spots, crusty areas, continuous bleeding

  • red or white patches in the mouth

  • trouble chewing, swallowing or moving your jaw or tongue

By making sure you see us at Billericay Dental Care for regular hygienist visits and dental examinations, you’re already participating in the best screening process available for oral cancer―and keeping your mouth healthy and disease-free in other ways at the same time.

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