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Top 5 Tips to Whiter Teeth

Having strong, white teeth is a sign of health, and beyond that, we know that whiter teeth enable us to talk, eat and smile with confidence. We have all put in effort to keep our teeth looking their best overtime. Whether that is through brushing, using whitening toothpastes or visits to the hygienists. It makes sense to do the small, day to day things which keep our teeth the right shade, without having to fork out for it. But what are the top 5 things that we can do?

1. As well as brushing your teeth (which we’ll assume is a given), brushing your tongue can make a world of difference. The bacteria which can accumulate on your tongue, giving rise a bad taste and a bad smell also excrete products that can stain your teeth. Brushing them away brushes away any bad smell and keeps those pearly whites… well, white.

2. Wash your mouth out after eating citrus fruits: Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your overall health, and perhaps more surprisingly, can contribute to keeping your teeth white too. However, when you eat sharp fruit like oranges, lemons and limes, make sure to wash your mouth out with water afterwards. The acid in this fruit softens the enamel on your teeth, meaning it can very easily be damaged for a while afterward. Washing this acid away means that the enamel is soft for less time and less easily damaged.

3. Whilst fruit and vegetables shouldn’t be avoided, depending on how important having white teeth is to you, some food certainly should. Often, the colour of the food is a dead giveaway: chocolate, coffee, tea will all darken your teeth is consumed too much or in high quantities, so as essential as coffee is for many of us throughout the day, or how much we need a few squares of chocolate to relax after a day in the office, make sure not to overdo it.

4. Keep your toothbrush fresh. There are many reasons to make sure that your toothbrush is fit for purpose. If your toothbrush is fresh, then it will bring off the food and plaque that accumulates throughout the day. If your tooth brush is damaged and tired, then it won’t do this properly and amongst other things, your teeth will slowly start to discolour.

5. Pick a good tooth whitening treatment. Enlightensmile is only £42 per month with a £50 deposit at Bilericay Dental Care, Essex. Although it is possible to minimise staining by eating sensibly and keeping your teeth clean, and there are all sorts of weird and wonderful ‘self-help’ methods out there, such as brushing with baking powder, the best way to get your teeth looking white is to whiten them in the first place. With simple and affordable maintenance we will show you how to maintain your professional white smile.

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