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Looking For An Implant Dentist In Essex

A dental implant is a life changing experience. At Billericay Dental Care you are in the safe and skilled hands of Dr Darshan Boindala and his dental team. The experience starts from our friendly reception team who will ensure they find you convenient appointments, even on a Saturday; they will help talk you through your treatment journey; they will help you with setting up finance. The nursing and hygienist team are an essential cog to aid you in maintaining good gum and bone health to ensure your implant is well maintained.

The Four easy steps to dental implants

Step 1. consultation/diagnosis - Is this the most appropriate treatment for you. Assessment of expectations and treatment planning

Step 2. Implanting the fixture

Step 3. Healing - Once the fixture has healed into the bone an abutment is inserted into the fixture. This abutment will connect the new crown to the implant fixture

Step 4. Attaching your new crown or bridge

Billericay Dental Care believes that an informed patient is much more likely to be comfortable with their treatment process, experiencing less anxiety, which in turn, allows for a more rapid recovery. You will receive thorough consults from your implant dentist prior to your implant treatment where you can raise questions and share your patient journey.

We have treated patient from all parts of Essex and London. We are well connected by Billericay Train Station and ample parking is available in our vicinity. Wheelchair access and a ground floor surgery is also available. To allow specialist treatment to be made affordable we can also offer interest free credit.

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