• Nik Chandarana

Taking Care of Your Implant

Implant thread and head being cleaned

So you have spent many hundreds of pounds on your implant, but don't make the same mistake twice! Take care of your implant to ensure it lasts you as long as possible. It may not be so easy to replace it.

What is Peri-Implant Disease Even though dental implants are 'false' it is essential to keep them free from plaque. Failing to do so will result in inflammation around the gum and implants. The inflammation is redness and swelling that will damage the bone surrounding the implant and make the implant lose.

BEAT IT by: 1. Brushing with specially designed implant brushes 2. use interdental brushes for reaching those hard to clean gaps 3. Bridge & implant floss is useful for cleaning below the gum line.

WHO can Help The dental hygienist can show you how to brush but additionally your dental hygienist at Billericay Dental Care is equipped with a ultrasonic titanium scaling tip that can help breakdown the build up of plaque around the implant head and thread (see pic)

Book in for you hygienist check-up

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