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High Street Heroes

January 2016 and our very own Dr Sheena Tanna has appeared in Essex Life magazine as a High Street Hero.

We are proud to be an Independent business and we strive for being distinctive, creating local relationships, providing local jobs, and working for the local community.

As we are part of the NHS and protect her vigorously. We hope that the patrons of Billericay continue to bestow their support and together we hope to flourish for years to come.

Independent businesses flourish with the support of the local community. Not only do we provide high quality, affordable dentistry to the local community, but we also provide advise and guidance. To this end we can provide you with electric toothbrushes, mouth rinse, interdental brushes and flossers, even tongue cleaners!

We are keen to promote a healthy mouth and smile and the best way to this is by good oral hygiene. Prevention is better than cure! So come and meet the team andl buy your oral health care products




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