Teeth whitening


Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Bad breath and bleeding gums can be avoided by frequently seeing a hygienist and did you know they can also spot oral cancer.

At Billericay Dental Care we have a specialist team of hygienists who can help you keep your mouth fresh and healthy. 

Dental Hygienist


What services can a hygienist offer?  

  • Scale and polish –removal of hard, built-up plaque and tartar which can’t be removed by even the most frequent brushing at home 

  • Root planning or ‘deep-cleansing’ – reattaching the gum to the tooth. Provided to patients displaying early signs of gum disease

  • Oral hygiene advice - from tips on how to prevent the build-up of plaque by better brushing,  flossing and tongue scraping to advice on diet to avoid tooth decay

  • Fluoride treatments - including fissure sealants and fluoride varnishes

  • Teeth whitening – including practice-based treatments, home sets or a combination

  • Air polishing – a gentle procedure which is guaranteed to remove 100% plaque and everyday stains using a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles. Suitable for patients with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges


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Why is it important to visit the hygienist?

Can children see the hygienist?

Does it hurt?

Is it expensive?

What are the benefit of regular hygienist visits?

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

What can I do at home?
How often should I visit the hygienist?

Air Polish

Tooth cleaning is of particular importance in order to prevent gum disease and dental caries.  The air polishing service offered by Billericay Dental Care uses gentle cleaning agents to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth.  This efficiently helps to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and dental caries.

Who Should ask the hygienist for an air polish

  • Cases of teeth staining - If you have discoloured teeth, usually due to tea, coffee, smoking or red wine

  • Cases of plaque deposits

  • Cleaning of fissures before sealing with fissure sealant therapy

  • Cleaning of braces or preparation of surfaces before bonding or removal of adhesive residue

  • Before a filling, veneer or inlay to ensure the best result and lifespan of your filling

  • Cleaning healthy teeth to get an accurate shade before having a bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays made.

  • Before teeth whitening for optimum effectiveness of whitening agent.