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As a valued client at Billericay Dental Care, we wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of some positive changes to the way we provide treatment to our patients to keep you healthy and smiling! 

Membership Plans

These membership plans enable you to access private dental care with your dentist for a predictable and affordable monthly cost. The plans blend the significant benefits of preventing dental problems with protecting you when you have an emergency. 

Contact us today to discuss which plan may be right for you. 

Essentials Plan - £9.95 pm 

• Up to 2 Dental Appointments Per Year

• Free Dental exams for under 18's in your household

• World Wide Accident & Emergency Cover 

Protect Plan - £14.95 pm 

• Up to 2 Dental Appointments Per Year

• Discounted Hygienist Appointment at only £25

• Priority Early/Late/Weekend Booking

Free Dental exams for under 18's in your household

• 10% Off Private Restorative Dental Treatment - Excluding Specialist Referrals

• World Wide Accident & Emergency Cover 

Bright White Plan - £22.95 pm

• Up to 2 Dental Appointments Per Year

• 1 Hygienist Appointment Included

• Priority Early/Late/Weekend Booking

• 25% Off Professional In Surgery Whitening Treatment With Lifetime Tray Replacement '1 per year or 2x Free Home Whitening Syringes

• 10% Off Private Restorative Dental Treatment -Excluding Specialist Referrals

• World Wide Accident & Emergency Cover 

Anti Wrinkle Plan - £69.00 pm 

• 3 Sites Every 4 Months 
• 5% Off Facial Treatments 


Plans are based on a rolling 12 month contract. Cancellation available of any time. Any services provided that have not been covered by plan payments will be due upon cancellation. Entitlements cannot be carried forward or refunded. £10 initial administration fee will be added to first payment. Clients are responsible for arranging appointments for treatment. Benefits will commence following your first monthly payment. Should you fail to attend an appointment provided as a plan benefit, you may be required to pay for your next appointment. If treatment has been diagnosed before joining the plan we would not routinely offer a discount on this.  If your direct debit fails on 3 consecutive occasions we will cancel your plan. No cash refunded on cancelled plans.

Worldwide Accident and Emergency Insurance

As member of the plan you will be registered with your dentist’s accident and emergency insurance which covers:

·  Treatment following accidents

·  Emergency Treatment at another practice whilst away from home or outside of published practice opening times

·  Oral cancer cover (if diagnosed – one off sum of £3000)


These are subject to your practice being able to recover the cost of such treatment under the terms of the insurance policy it has taken for this purpose. A full copy wording of this policy is available upon request. The insurance is arranged through Lloyd & Whyte Ltd. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our full policy wording is available at www.lloydwhyte.com/dentists/documents