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Is it possible to straighten teeth without braces?

Many of our patients ask about the possibility of straightening their teeth without braces. They will often have memories of the metal braces from childhood and can’t imagine adopting this look as an adult. The good news is that there are so many options to straighten your teeth without braces – at least in the traditional sense!

If you are considering adult braces, we would recommend investigating clear braces. At Billericay Dental, we offer a number of choices for straightening your teeth. These include Invisalign, 6 Month Smiles and ClearSmile Braces.

If you are self-conscious and worried about how you will look with braces, but still want the confidence that comes with a flawless smile, read on!


Perhaps the most well known of all the clear aligners, Invisalign can be used on the top and bottom teeth. This method involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners which gradually push your teeth into place. They are very low maintenance and can even be removed when you eat and drink.

If you are forgetful, this might not be the right option for you. This is because you need to wear your aligners around 20 hours a day, and this can be difficult if you forget to put them back in after eating, drinking or brushing.

You can read more about Invisalign treatments with Billericay Dental here.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is a great option if you need a stunning smile fast! If you are getting married and want to boost your confidence for your big day, then Quick Straight Teeth offer an incredible option.

You can choose between fixed or removable aligners. And the good news is that even the fixed aligners are practically invisible. They use tooth-coloured brackets and wires instead of the usual metal aligners. And the best part – treatment will typically take between 4 and 24 weeks, depending on the severity of the correction.

You can read more about our Quick Straight Teeth offers here.

The Inman Aligner

If you want fast results then the unique Inman Aligner system could be a great option for you. It doesn’t look anything like a traditional aligner. Instead, it’s a clear plastic retainer with spring loaded aligning bars which fit over your four front teeth. This makes it discreet and barely noticeable. You can use this system for your top and bottom arches.

This system applies constant gentle pressure to your teeth and gently pushes them into place. You can remove it while eating and brushing your teeth – so no avoiding your favourite foods! When the teeth reach their ideal placement, you simple wear a discreet retainer at night to hold them in place.

Six Month Smiles

As the name suggests, this system can help you achieve the smile of your dreams in just 6 months! The Six Month Smiles system offers a modern twist on tried and tested orthodontic methods. Using clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, your braces will be almost invisible. Brackets are bonded to your teeth and then a wire holds is used to gently move your teeth into place.

You can use six month smiles on your upper or lower arch. The average treatment time is just 6 months, and you will need to visit your dentist during this time for adjustments.


Another option for more traditional braces is the ClearSmile system. This uses coated wire and clear brackets, but it’s the wire that is really unique. It uses shape memory to gently move your teeth into the correct position. No matter how the wire is bent, it will always return to its original shape, and this is how it aligns your teeth.

ClearSmile can be used to straighten the front 10 teeth for cosmetic reasons. It can also be used to manage cases of overcrowding. You can read more about ClearSmile braces here.

Closing thoughts

While you might not be able to straighten your teeth without the help of braces, teeth straightening methods have come a long way since the days of metal braces. You don’t have to spend years feeling self conscious about your braces as many of the modern options are very discreet.

If you’re looking for braces in Brentwood, Basildon or Billericay, we encourage you to book an appointment with our orthodontists. We can help you navigate the choices and discover the best treatment option for you. If you have any questions about orthodontic treatment, our friendly team are here to help!

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