Find out about dental fillings, why you need them, what's involved putting them in, and much more.


Dentists use fillings to repair cavities in your teeth. For your affected teeth, your dentist will first professionally remove all the decay from your cavity. Then, the hole in your tooth is replaced with a tooth-like, hard material called a dental filling.Your body is not able to grow the parts of your teeth back where your cavities now are. 

Before modern dentistry, people unlucky enough to have cavities in their teeth would suffer and be in a lot of pain. Eventually, the pain got so much that people would just have their affected teeth removed.

But not now. 

Fillings for your cavities are so effective that you’re able to use your teeth just as before for many years to come and not be in any pain.

Billericay Dental Care offers patient-focused, affordable fillings for our patients in Billericay and the surrounding areas.

The advantage to using Billericay Dental Care for your filling is that:

we offer you a range of products.   Our affordable metal fillings are durable and strong whilst our aesthetic white fillings are strong and look natural.  You’ll be looked after by a team of professional, skilled clinicians and dental assistants.

We’re here to make the whole experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible

Want to talk with your Billericay Dental Care team about having a filling? Worried about visiting the dentist? 

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