Find out about dentures, what they’re for, how they’re made, the types available, flexible dentures, and much more

Dentures from the best dental practice award winner at AIDUK 2017

Dentures are removable replacements for patients who have missing teeth. We use complete dentures when all of a patient’s teeth are missing and a partial denture when our patient still has some natural teeth remaining.

Dentures really enhance the lives of patients with either some or all of their natural teeth missing.

Today, dentures have a really natural look about them. They’re comfortable to wear. Eating and drinking becomes much easier and they make your smile look great.

If you don’t think dentures are the solution for you, talk to us about implants at your consultation. To find out more about implants, click here.

Here at Billericay Dental Care, we offer patients start-to-finish care in all aspects of selecting the right type of dentures for you and your lifestyle right through to their fitting and how to take care of them.

More and more patients in Billericay and across the area are choosing Billericay Dental Care for our denture service because:

Our dentists are excellent at taking impressions, and the measurements needed to help the laboratory make great dentures.

We work with brilliant dental laboratories and technicians producing attractive, durable dentures that feel comfortable in your mouth,

We understand that losing some or all of your teeth can be distressing for some patients so you have our assurance that you will be cared for and looked after.  We want to be your dentist of choice not only for our professionalism and our genuinely caring attitude but because you know that all you need to do to get the best support after you receive your dentures is to pick up the phone or email us.

Want to talk privately and in confidence to one of our caring team? Want to know all the options available out there with professionals guiding you towards the best choice for you? 

Please call us on 01277 62 54 56 or email us at if you’d like some advice.



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