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Veneers from Billericay’s leading dentist

Veneers are really thin, custom-made attachments made from tooth-coloured materials which fit onto the front of your existing teeth. They can dramatically improve both your smile, your appearance, and provide a real boost to your confidence.

Veneers FAQ

Porcelain veneers versus composite veneers – what are the differences?

Porcelain veneers are made of porcelain and composite veneers are made of a composite resin. Porcelain veneers are incredibly durable once they’re bonded to your teeth, lasting up to 15 years with a good oral hygiene regime. Veneer treatment is normally spread across three appointments. Preparation, Fit & Review. They look realistic and have a natural tooth-like appearance. You don't need to remove too much of the tooth to prepare for a veneer. If they break, they cannot be repaired. In addition, porcelain veneers are made off site and they take two weeks to make and be sent back to Billericay Dental Care. Composite veneers are made from composite resin. Your veneers are actually sculpted onto your teeth (meaning they don’t have to be made elsewhere). The application of composite veneers can be done on the one trip and if they break or are stained, they can be repaired. Some people think that, although they look great, composite veneers aren’t as attractive as porcelain veneers. Others find it really hard to tell them apart. Composite veneers attract stains much more than porcelain.

Does it hurt?

The preparation shouldn't cause too much discomfort as a local anaesthetic will be administered, which should prevent sensitivity. Want to know more about veneers? Want to see before and after pictures so you can get an idea of how effective veneers are? Want help choosing between porcelain and composite? Please call us on 01277 62 54 56 or email us at and book yourself in for a consultation.

Veneers are best for Billericay Dental Care patients with the following:


• discoloured teeth

• worn-down teeth

• chipped teeth

• broken teeth

• where you have gaps between your teeth that you don’t like


For many patients, having veneers added to their teeth makes a big difference to the quality of their lives and how they think about themselves. They no longer are self-conscious when they smile and they no longer feel the need to cover their mouths with their hands to cover up teeth whose appearances they’re not happy with.

At Billericay Dental Care, we’ve worked with hundreds of patients locally here in Billericay and the surrounding areas giving them the veneers that achieve the exact results they are looking for.


More and more patients in Billericay and across the area are choosing Billericay Dental Care for our veneers because:


• choosing, planning, preparing, and bonding your veneers can all be done under the one roof with the same caring dental expert with you throughout the process

• because we know how keen you are to get the right veneers and get to the end of the process, we’ll deal with you in a friendly, efficient manner that reduces the overall time it takes to get from start to finish,

• fitting veneers is something very personal and we’re absolutely committed to delivering the outcome you want



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