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Find out the possible results, dental impact and overall improvements you could see with ClearSmile braces.

ClearSmile treatments from Billericay Dental Care

ClearSmile are the ideal alternative for patients wanting significant alignment of their anterior teeth,  without the traditional unappealing appearance of metal braces or extended waiting time for the desired result.  

ClearSmile Brace uses clear brackets and white-coated wires rather than traditional silver braces making them practically unnoticeable.  They are aesthetic, and generally fast at aligning the anterior teeth.

The cutting-edge design uses shape memory to ease your teeth into a straight position. Using low forces, this brace moves teeth quickly and gently out of a crowded position.

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ClearSmile FAQ

My initial ClearSmile consultation

The first thing we will do at your consultation is examine how your teeth are currently. We will talk to you about whether or not ClearSmile is the best possible course of treatment to get the results you want to see. If not, we’ll explore our other options to make sure you get the post-treatment look you’ve been dreaming of.

Our clinican will explain how the system works and how your treatment will progress. You’ll also have the chance to ask us anything you want to know about ClearSmile.

Clinical assessment

At this appointment we will do a full mouth examination, radiographs as appropriate, and photographs. If your teeth have any other issues such as decay or gum disease, further treatment may be necessary before continuing. We will also take impressions of your teeth.

The impressions will be sent to the ClearSmile laboratory and they will be asked to show what result we can expect too achieve at the end of treatment.

We will bring you back for a review 2 weeks later, where we will show you on the computer our expected result and answer any further questions. If you are happy we will continue and ask the laboratory too make the brace.

Fitting your ClearSmile Brace

When they are ready a couple of weeks later, the colourless brackets will be bonded to your teeth using a special glue. Then we will attach a tooth coloured archwire too the brackets to help your teeth start to take the right shape.


You will have appointments every 2 to 4 weeks to see how things are progressing. Your dentist may also change your archwires and create space to allow your teeth to move into the correct places.

All finished

When you’re happy with the results, we’ll take impressions of your newly straight teeth to make your retainer. Then, you can come back to have your fixed retainer fitted and your brace gently removed.

Your dentist will give you full aftercare instructions and take some final impressions and photos to record your result. You will have a retainer review appointment in a few weeks to check everything is going well and your clear retainers fitted for nightwear.

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